Inquisitive Labrador Gets Bees-ness End of Hive

Ellie April 2010Robert Coe and his wife Sandra of Santee, Calif., thought they had seen the last of the bees buzzing around their home after exterminators sprayed a hive in their yard. That is until later that night when Sandra noticed the family’s 1-year-old Labrador retriever wasn’t acting like herself.

“My wife saw Ellie throw up several times,” said Robert. “There were hundreds of dead bees in each pile.”

Unbeknownst to the Coes, Ellie had discovered and eaten the beehive after the exterminators had left. Frightened by the volume of dead bees Ellie was vomiting, Sandra decided the dog needed to go to the veterinary hospital

The emergency veterinarian on duty examined Ellie and determined she had most likely only ingested dead bees and hadn’t been stung. Additionally, Poison Control indicated the pesticide did not pose a significant risk of toxicity. After a dose of anti-nausea medication and a few hours of observation, Ellie was on her way back home.

For the next week, the Coes administered over-the-counter antacid tablets and put Ellie on a diet of plain white rice and chicken. “She was eating better than we were,” joked Robert. “She acted just fine that week, really, but every time she went to the bathroom, she pooped bees. Thousands of bees. I don’t know where they all came from – the hive wasn’t that large.”


29 Responses to Inquisitive Labrador Gets Bees-ness End of Hive
  1. Sandra Woodhouse June 6, 2011
    8:35 pm

    Ellie, Ellie, Ellie!!!! My goodness!! (slowly shake head back and forth as I say it)! She’s a beautiful dog by the way:)!

  2. Katie Robert June 6, 2011
    8:36 pm

    Yikes! Ellie was very lucky the pesticide did not pose a threat to her health.

  3. January Herron June 6, 2011
    8:41 pm


    To Bee or not to Bee?

    I think you found the answer!

  4. Donna Reed June 6, 2011
    8:47 pm


  5. Linda Grady June 6, 2011
    8:49 pm

    Ellie has my vote!

  6. Jaynelle Stichler June 6, 2011
    8:50 pm

    I love Ellie. She looks like our big yellow lab, Chancellor. Labs are the best, but definitely inquisitive and will eat anything! I am so happy she has recovered. Many blessings and you have my vote!

  7. Joanne DiVico June 6, 2011
    8:51 pm

    Ellie ate my vote – no, wait, Ellie gets my vote

  8. Maggie's Mom June 6, 2011
    8:52 pm

    Just like a lab, mine will eat the craziest stuff that she finds in the yard – Maggie keeps me on my toes! Glad that Ellie was ok!

  9. Darcy MacGregor June 6, 2011
    8:53 pm

    Thank goodness that the bees were dead & didn’t sting the poor girl to death. Bee sure that the bees don’t return next year as they many times return to where they had a nest/hive previously. This could have been a deadly situation for all.

  10. Janet Gamble June 6, 2011
    8:59 pm

    It’s amazing that she ate that many bees and pesticide and lived! She’s got my vote. I admit that I am bias, because one of my comic strip characters is a yellow lab!

  11. Linda Kizer-Paquette June 6, 2011
    9:00 pm

    I’ve always said that Labs will eat anything and everything. Our Lab-Cocker mix ate small rocks, among other things. He never had any digestive troubles, but I’m not sure why. Guess it’s those tough Lab genes, right Ellie?

  12. Tanner Coe June 6, 2011
    9:01 pm

    Tell all your friends to vote please. We want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Clayton Hartog June 6, 2011
    9:03 pm

    Maybe she wlll eat Tanner’s Chargers jersey next!

    Go Broncos!!!!!

  14. Mary Beth Long June 6, 2011
    9:04 pm

    I have a rat terrier that will also eat anything, but I’m not sure about beehives.

    Anyway, Ellie has my vote.

    I’m glad her story has a happy ending.

  15. Barbara Adams June 6, 2011
    9:05 pm

    My Benjamin, an American bulldog, got stung by a bee and that was bad enough for us!! Ellie you’re brave and so our your people.

  16. Mary Miller June 6, 2011
    9:06 pm

    Our lab is allergic to bee stings, he puffed up one day, emergency vet and steriod shots, the next day and every day for a week, he looked like he had mumps all over his body and they spread a little more each day. And the benedryl, supposed to make him sleep, uh no, made him spin around more than usual. Gotta love your lab.

  17. JB Lewis June 6, 2011
    9:07 pm

    I’m glad the dog’s okay, but it’s a shame about the bees. They face enough threats every day without being poisoned. If they were bothersome, all anyone had to do was call a beekeeper.

  18. Jen Hor June 6, 2011
    9:08 pm

    To bee or not to bee, that is the question

    whether ’tis nobler to suffer the stings and buzzes of outrageous poison

    or take up jaws ‘gainst a sling of hornets

    and by opposing, swallow them.

  19. Concerned Doglover June 6, 2011
    9:10 pm

    I hope they weren’t really bees, that you killed. Bees are in terrible trouble & we need them. If they are unwanted, a beekeeper will come get them. A lot of people call any stinging flying insect a “bee” so I hope they were hornets or some such.

  20. Nellie Graham June 6, 2011
    9:11 pm

    We have two big yellow lab boys. Oscar (for Oscar Madison of the Odd Couple) has a thing for grass clippings. He has been to the emergency vet twice in his 5 years for the misery this delicacy gives him. I am going to get insurance for him and his bud, Charlie- the million dollar dogs!

  21. Katie Sampson Lueck June 6, 2011
    9:22 pm

    Laughed so hard, this is a Marley dog:) I forwarded this to my petsmart friends I used to work with in SLC,Ut. Congrats Coe Family!! Hope Ellie continues to get well and earn a hambone for Christmas in another way

  22. Christina McDermott June 6, 2011
    9:24 pm

    If I would of known of such a contest I could of submitted my dog. While she doesnt have Ellie beat in quantity… my dog also loves to eat bees.

    Since the warm weather came every day you can see my dog out by the concrete footer of my garage sniffing at the whole the bees hide in. Once they come out she eats them. :-) She’ll do that for hours! Congrats Ellie!

  23. Lisa Sloan June 6, 2011
    9:24 pm

    What a funny story with a happy ending! I have a curious lab and I must look into pet insurance.

  24. Joseph Czuprynski June 6, 2011
    9:30 pm

    A funny story with a happy ending. Even an overdose of Bee vitamins can be harmful..

  25. Barbara Strey June 6, 2011
    9:31 pm

    This is a great story and made me laugh! Just love that Ellie. The

    VPIHamboneAward is something I will keep my eye on in the further – the

    stories are great!!

  26. Dan Keane June 6, 2011
    9:33 pm

    I had a black lab that dug up a ground nesty of yellow jackets. The Vet siad she would be OK as long as she did not get stung in the mouth and troat. She she was OK but her head swelled up like a pumpkin!

  27. Dona Heisler June 6, 2011
    9:35 pm

    Jack is a very handsome boy. He is also a very lucky boy!!! He surely is smart and will not try that kind of an encounter again (I hope). My Chihuahua wants to do battle with the possoms that come around our complex and we live in So. Calif. Tell Jack not to do that again!!!!!

  28. W Wasala June 6, 2011
    9:36 pm

    My beagle didn’t eat bees but found a dried up earthworm that he insisted upon carrying around (his pet?). I would toss it farther away in the yard and he’d find it–this dried, wizened old worm dangling from his mouth. I love dogs–they are so odd!Glad you are better Ellie

  29. Animal Lover June 6, 2011
    9:42 pm

    I agree with Concerned Doglover – if you have bees that you want removed, most towns have beekeepers who will remove the hives and bees for you without harming the bees. Call your local humane society or police department who can usually provide you with phone numbers.

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