Courtney Cecil and her furry sidekick Nikko, a five pound Shih Tzu, have enjoyed a Southern California lifestyle as best friends and roommates in their West Hollywood home, but that all changed when the two were separated… almost forever. After running a quick errand, Courtney ret... Read More »
Jessica Parsons of Indianapolis, Ind., is no stranger to farm life and neither is her female 2-year-old Labrador retriever, Charlie. But when Charlie slipped under a piece of farm equipment, it took two major surgeries at one of the nation’s top veterinary teaching hospitals to save h... Read More »

Tug-of-War Turns into Race for Life

Protecting pets from the day they come home can be life-saving. A Las Vegas family found that out when their Goldendoodle puppy was critically injured just six days into their new pet health insurance policy from Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI). Karen Harris of Las Vegas said... Read More »
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Daring Dachshund Survives Bear Scare

As Marlene Flint of Laughlintown, Pa., went outside with her 8-year-old dachshund, Max, she was suddenly faced with a terrifying sight. Eighteen-pound Max was viciously attacked by a black bear who picked up the diminutive dachshund twice before Marlene and her husband were able to save their pooch. The incident led to a trip to t... Read More »
Alicia Racelis of Middletown, Del., attributes her cat, Lewes’ ability to catch and retrieve items to him growing up with her three boys who are always playing fetch with the family feline. However, Lewes’ unique skill got him into trouble last month when he in... Read More »
Jack Tracy Sheppard of Ashburn, Va., keeps a very close eye on Jack, her 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier due to his penchant for finding trouble. However, trouble recently found 15-pound Jack when he was picked up by a snowy owl who flew away with him before eventually dropping t... Read More »
Henry Paige Allford of San Diego still can’t figure out what was going through Henry, her 2-year-old Labrador retriever’s mind when he jumped over their neighbor’s balcony wall, falling 20 feet and landing on the roof of a car. Amazingly, after an e... Read More »
Cali With the anticipation of a tasty family dinner later that evening, John Young of Rocklin, Calif., spent the day marinating nearly five pounds of London broil before placing it alongside a loaf of bread in the middle of his kitchen counter while he picked up his children ... Read More »
Roxy On a warm October evening, Ana Fuentes of Gardena, Calif., opted to leave the sliding glass door half open while she cooked dinner with Roxy, her two-year-old German shepherd playing nearby. Suddenly, Roxy heard a noise in the backyard and darted to see w... Read More »
Monique Johnson of Cumberland, R.I., was accustomed to her two American cocker spaniels, Heidi Elizabeth and Abby Marie, running upstairs and looking outside as she left the house. Unfortunately, last month, as Heidi attempted to get a better view of her departing owner, she pushed on t... Read More »