Valerie Mould of Princeton, W.Va., has grown accustomed to her 5-year-old Boxer Curtis’ knack for snacking on things he’s not supposed to. Curtis has ingested various items in the past, including a frisbee, but has remained unscathed. However, his luck came to an end after he s... Read More »
Woodrow, a 7-month-old French bulldog, is best described as a  rambunctious and curious bundle-of-love by Lauren Hafner and her fiancé, Ian, of Yardley, PA. Woodrow’s perilous puppy attitude had already landed him at the veterinary hospital more than once during his young lif... Read More »
Rocky the red haired miniature dachshund is the leader of Ernest Gee’s pack of pint sized pooches at their home in San Diego, Calif. Among the three miniature dachshunds and two tiny Chihuahuas at the Gee family home, 6-year-old Rocky is the protector, constantly keeping watch ov... Read More »
For Caitlin Brennan of Walnut Creek, Calif., and her companion Miles, a 3-year-old Catahoula mix, Lake Tahoe is a second home. Caitlin’s family has owned a cabin there for decades and the duo later lived in the same neighborhood for a year after Caitlin graduated from college. Tah... Read More »
Adam Sedar of Frackville, Pa. describes his dog Bones, a 7-year-old Labrador retriever, as a loving and calm master of the outdoors. Bones is a life-long hunting dog who frequently spends his time trekking through the brush and trees to retrieve downed pheasants for Adam. However,... Read More »