Leann Munro of Rio Linda, Calif., had a tough time keeping her adventurous cat, Pebbles, inside the house. It wasn’t until he ventured 15 miles by way of a car engine that she truly appreciated the value of implanting microchips in her pets. While Leann was out of town for the... Read More »
Dog collar, leash, carrier or crate – many pet owners are prepared with these essential items when bringing a new dog home. However, as Calixte Defay of Bryan, Texas can attest, not all pet owners are aware that one of these items can pose a fatal threat to furry family m... Read More »
Physics teacher Carol Richardson of Lothian, MD, was out to dinner with her husband Robert when she realized what must have happened to Bayley. Prior to leaving the house that night, the Richardsons noticed a small amount of blood on their black Labrador retriever’s paw. After... Read More »
Robert and Michele Bashore of Pittsburgh, Penn., have been VPI policyholders for the past 22 years, but in more than two decades they have never submitted a claim quite like this. After a backyard brawl with a vicious muskrat at their vacation home in Michigan, the Bas... Read More »
Almost every day, Joseph Burns and his sporting dog Major visit an open field near their home in Minneapolis, Minn., for a game of fetch with dummy birds.  On a recent snowy Saturday, however, their usual play date took an unexpected turn when the eager Labrador retriever ran f... Read More »
According to Ellen Unsworth of Sacramento, Calif., her English cocker spaniel Tomis is a sweet and well-mannered dog, which is why his owners had little concern about hosting a small holiday gathering for a few two-legged friends. Though Tomis was relaxed and behaved around... Read More »
According to Teresa Praus-Choe of Las Vegas, Nev., her pig Crispy Bacon is quite a ham. Though she and her husband Ian joke that Crispy is their little “rock star,” they never expected the potbellied pig to take that notion to the extreme... Read More »
When Diana McDougle of Seattle finally gathered the courage to peer out of the 11th story window to the ground below, her cat Baxter wasn’t moving. Only moments before, the 9-year-old domestic longhair had nudged the glass open far enough to slip out onto the ledge. After fa... Read More »
Around 2:30 a.m., first responders from the Winslow Township Fire Department in Sicklerville, NJ apologized to Keith Wolfram and his wife Christy – they had done everything they could. Refusing to give up, Christy grabbed a shovel and continued to search for their dachshund... Read More »
For Scott Thisdale of Wadsworth, Ill., his dogs are an extension of his family, which is why he did not hesitate to bring his two shiba inus on a recent vacation to Toronto, Canada. Scott and his 7-year-old canines, Kei and Midori, were en route to a local park when a minor misstep on ... Read More »
Angelo and Janice Donato of Pompton Plains, N.J., never worried that Havee, their hairy-tailed Havanese, would have an altercation with a household appliance. The 4-year-old canine and the Donato’s vacuum had lived together peacefully, until a recent cleaning-spree resulted... Read More »
According to Susan Burr of Rocky Hill, Conn., her 7-year-old golden retriever Ginger has had her share of run-ins with wildlife. Though Ginger’s inherent curiosity has lead to some close calls with skunks, chipmunks and other animals, not one has become quite as aggressive ... Read More »