According to Lori Laverdiere of Manville, R.I., her pug Harley simply isn’t “an eater.” Unlike most dogs, Harley had shown little interest in ingesting things he shouldn’t. Turns out, the crafty canine was waiting for the perfect opportunity. “I picked... Read More »
Harley May Hambone Nominee Despite living near the beach in Ventura, Calif., pet owner Robin Baer never worried about a seagull attacking her 10-pound dachshund.      “Harley loves to eat his treats on the patio in the sun, but we’ve never ... Read More »
Like many Labrador retrievers, Stella Artois had to learn her lesson the hard way: be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it—stuck on your face. “She’s a garbage hound,” said Cathy Timmons of Ramsey, N.J. “I supplement her breakfast with a can of vege... Read More »
Sherri Johnson had concerns about how her cats would handle the wood stove in her New Hampshire vacation home. Her husband assured her that Eddy and Bella would sense the heat from the stove and stay away, and he was right—until the flies came. “If ... Read More »
Teuer Feb 2011 Keryn Anderson called it her Jack Russell terrier’s “Indiana Jones” moment. The 15-year-old dog’s attempt to run under a closing garage door, however, didn’t have an action hero ending. “We had just pulled our car into the garage,” said Ke... Read More »
Chico Jan 2011 The Chihuahua is many things: pet, actor, mascot, and even fashion accessory. If it hadn’t been for the quick actions last month of a pet owner in Crystal Lake, Ill., however, “snack” very well could have been added to the list. “It was around 1:... Read More »
Gus Dec 2011 A little over-eating always happens during the holidays: a second helping of turkey here, a larger than normal slice of pie there. Five pounds of cookies in a single sitting, however, is too much for anyone – man or dog. But that’s just what a 2-year-old L... Read More »
Tobey is a 7 year-old Labrador retriever that doesn’t like water. He loves it. “I put the sprinkler out in the yard for him, and he goes nuts!” said owner Ellen Jones of Charlotte, N.C. Tobey especially enjoys stealing mouthfuls of water as... Read More »
Howie Oct 2011 Howie the toy poodle is a regular at his veterinarian’s office. The energetic pup hasn’t reached his first birthday yet, but owner Heather Skinner of Monroe, N.Y., estimates that she’s taken Howie to see the veterinarian at least 15 times for various ... Read More »
Moose Sept 2011 Lindsay and Anna King enjoy taking their 5-year-old English mastiff Moose to the vacant field across from their home in Green Valley, Ariz. There’s plenty of space to explore, and Moose usually doesn’t share the field with anything but the occasional ... Read More »
Balboa Aug 2011 Balboa didn’t mean any harm to the inch-long insect in the bushes. The year-old pug was out for a late night walk last month with his owners Eyad and Shereen Bahhur of Metairie, La., when he spotted the Southern Walking Stick camouflaged within the bra... Read More »
Sadie Jul 2011 Rupp of Saint Petersburg, Fla., had only seen one other river otter in her area in the 14 years she’s lived there. But Pauline and her 3-year-old Golden retriever, Sadie, got an up close and personal look at another otter last month during a late night... Read More »