Most dogs are content to simply bark at the mailman, but not Aubie. Upon delivery of his owner’s mail, the 1-year-old Border collie chose to make his presence known by running full-speed into and through a closed window. “Aubie’s never been enamored with the mailman,... Read More »
Crawford Aug 2008 Crawford’s poisoning wasn’t a case of raw food, but rather bra food. The two-year-old Brittany spaniel is officially cutting underwear out of his diet after a snack of gel inserts from his owner's bra sent him to the veterinarian's office w... Read More »
While most cats hate water, Sandy the Abysinnian would probably agree that wetter is better than being stuck in a dryer. “Sandy’s not afraid of anything,” said Brandan Vanderpool of Irvine, Calif. “She’ll come right up to dogs and she won’t back down. She’s re... Read More »
While it may not be the safest practice, car chasing is a hobby many dogs, including 3-year-old boxer Jojo, seem to enjoy. Catching a car, however, is pretty much never a pleasant experience for a dog, especially when that car is a several ton delivery truck. “I don’t kno... Read More »
Toby May 2009Most chew toys don’t bite back, let alone result in treatment requiring anesthesia and a hacksaw. “We had a round bone left over from a roast and I thought I’d let my dog Toby play with it,” said Dennis Bullaro of Omaha, Neb. “He chewed on it and k... Read More »

Nosey Labrador Gets into ‘Treble’

Quincy March 2009Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat—sometimes it injures a dog and saves some fish. “We went to a friend’s cabin for the weekend and several people were ice fishing,” said Sara Kelly of Montpelier, Vt. “They had a bucket full of min... Read More »
Marley Jan 2009Anyone who has owned a Labrador retriever knows that the breed’s defining characteristic can be a blessing and a curse – not all situations call for fetch, and not all items should be retrieved. “We were on the beach and I noticed th... Read More »
Lulu Dec 2008 For six months, Jennifer Zwart believed her daughter’s missing pacifiers had simply been misplaced—kicked under couches or dropped from a moving stroller—but Lulu, her English bulldog, knew better. “One day I saw Lulu licking a dropped pacifier and sco... Read More »
Jean-Pierre Many people have wondered what’s inside a corn dog. Jean Pierre’s curiosity on the topic led his owner Denise Uphus to a more serious question: what’s inside my bulldog? “He first developed a lump on his side and the veterinarian thought it was a bee ... Read More »
Becca Oct 2008 There’s an old saying of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  Well, in both cases the shame belongs to Becca the Labrador retriever, who ate the same sock twice. “My dad noticed that Becca threw up a sock in the backyard, ... Read More »
Rider Sept 2008 The phrase “wild goose chase” typically refers to a hopeless mission destined to end in failure. For Rider, the Belgian sheepdog, the problem was a wild squirrel chase which became a reckless mission that ended in a wheelbarrow. “It's a decor... Read More »

Turtles, Tails and Tea Lights

Sugar July 2008 Most people’s diets contain too much sugar. But for Sugar, the Jack Russell terrier, the problem was too much turtle. After meeting a wild turtle in the back yard, Sugar decided to have her new friend for dinner. Sugar’s method for disposing of th... Read More »