Question:  How is my pet nominated to participate in the VPI Hambone Award?
Answer: Each month, VPI employees select one interesting claim from our policyholder claims submissions as that month’s nominee. All of our nominees are, or were within the last year, a VPI policyholder. If you are interested in VPI, please visit us at

Question: What does the winner of the VPI Hambone Award receive as a prize?
Answer:  The winner of the VPI Hambone Award will receive a bronze trophy in the shape of a ham bone.

Question: Who won the 2010 VPI Hambone Award?
Answer:  Ellie, the curious Labrador retriever who ate an entire beehive -bees included – and started vomitting hundreds of dead bees!  Read Ellie’s story here.

Question: When is the next voting period?
Answer:  The voting period for the 2011 VPI Hambone Award will begin in August 2011. Keep checking back for more information.  In the meantime, you can check out all of the 2010 nominees!

Question: What kind of tips should I be aware of to reduce the chances of my pet having a Hambone episode?
Answer:  At Veterinary Pet Insurance, we offer all kinds of tips and suggestions on pet care. Please visit our Pet HealthZone to view tips on commonly ingested items, first aid for your pet, pet toxins and poisons, and much more.