There are only a few days left to vote for your favorite VPI Hambone Award nominee!  We’ve sifted through more than 80,000 claims each month to bring you the top 12 most outrageous pet medical claims of the year.  While each of the VPI Hambone... Read More »
From the dog who ate more than 100 rocks to the cat who chased a fly onto a hot wood stove, VPI has received a host of remarkable medical claims. For the third consecutive year, we’re gearing up to bestow the coveted title of “Most Unusual Claim of the Year... Read More »
According to Lori Laverdiere of Manville, R.I., her pug Harley simply isn’t “an eater.” Unlike most dogs, Harley had shown little interest in ingesting things he shouldn’t. Turns out, the crafty canine was waiting for the perfect opportunity. “I picked... Read More »
Harley May Hambone Nominee Despite living near the beach in Ventura, Calif., pet owner Robin Baer never worried about a seagull attacking her 10-pound dachshund.      “Harley loves to eat his treats on the patio in the sun, but we’ve never ... Read More »
Like many Labrador retrievers, Stella Artois had to learn her lesson the hard way: be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it—stuck on your face. “She’s a garbage hound,” said Cathy Timmons of Ramsey, N.J. “I supplement her breakfast with a can of vege... Read More »