Scooter June 2009Call it a serious case of something that got the cat’s tongue. “It was on Memorial Day when our Siamese cat Scooter went from happily scampering around to suddenly foaming at the mouth and violently shaking her head,” described Margaret St... Read More »
Darci Jun 2010 Pets have one of two reactions to a noisy appliance: There are those that ignore it and those that react as though it’s a mortal enemy. Barbara Abell’s 2-year-old West Highland white terrier Darci falls into the latter camp. “Darci has always snap... Read More »

The Tortoise and the Scare

Charlie May 2010Tortoises aren’t the type of pet that offer their owners much in the way of surprises. For the most part, tortoises spend their days crawling slowly, eating, crawling slowly, sleeping, and crawling slowly. Emergency trips to the veterinarian don’t ... Read More »

Falling Cow Crashes on Collie

Ranger April 2009Less than two minutes into his first cattle herding practice, Ranger the border collie found himself, literally, between a cow and a hard place. “He charged down there like his usual maniac self and ran into the cow’s back legs at full speed,... Read More »
Ellie April 2010Robert Coe and his wife Sandra of Santee, Calif., thought they had seen the last of the bees buzzing around their home after exterminators sprayed a hive in their yard. That is until later that night when Sandra noticed the family’s 1-year-old Labrad... Read More »