Most dogs are content to simply bark at the mailman, but not Aubie. Upon delivery of his owner’s mail, the 1-year-old Border collie chose to make his presence known by running full-speed into and through a closed window. “Aubie’s never been enamored with the mailman,... Read More »
Crawford Aug 2008 Crawford’s poisoning wasn’t a case of raw food, but rather bra food. The two-year-old Brittany spaniel is officially cutting underwear out of his diet after a snack of gel inserts from his owner's bra sent him to the veterinarian's office w... Read More »
While most cats hate water, Sandy the Abysinnian would probably agree that wetter is better than being stuck in a dryer. “Sandy’s not afraid of anything,” said Brandan Vanderpool of Irvine, Calif. “She’ll come right up to dogs and she won’t back down. She’s re... Read More »
While it may not be the safest practice, car chasing is a hobby many dogs, including 3-year-old boxer Jojo, seem to enjoy. Catching a car, however, is pretty much never a pleasant experience for a dog, especially when that car is a several ton delivery truck. “I don’t kno... Read More »
Toby May 2009Most chew toys don’t bite back, let alone result in treatment requiring anesthesia and a hacksaw. “We had a round bone left over from a roast and I thought I’d let my dog Toby play with it,” said Dennis Bullaro of Omaha, Neb. “He chewed on it and k... Read More »