At VPI, we receive hundreds of pet toxicity claims each month for pets that have ingested items ranging from human medication to chocolate to antifreeze. As VPI policyholder Kathe Sadler can attest, there are no shortage of poisonous items inside and outside the home that our furry... Read More »
March was even “madder” than usual this year, with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament hosting a number of overtime games, big-time upsets and “Cinderella” stories. Most surprising to most is that tonight’s championship game will feature the seventh-seeded Connecticut Huskies versus ... Read More »
While seemingly minor ailments in cats and dogs such as an ear infection, skin problems, stomach ache or a cough are rarely life-threatening, they can prompt a visit to the veterinarian before they become chronic and expensive to treat. In 2013, VPI policyholders s... Read More »
A little more than a year ago, then 4-year-old bull terrier, Jackson, suddenly disappeared while on a walk with his owner, Bob Fell of Saint Charles, Mo. Bob and his wife, Ruth, were visiting their daughter, Becky Yoder, son-in-law, Jordan, and their granddaughters on the Yoder’s fa... Read More »
It’s that time of year, when brackets get busted and underdog teams hope to become the “Cinderella” of the tournament. It’s also time for us to sort through our database of more than 500,000 insured pets to determine which teams participating in ... Read More »