Last year, VPI received over 63,000 claims related to cancer, which remains the number one disease related killer in both dogs and cats. In a continuing effort to educate pet owners about the prevalence, detection and treatment of pet cancer, VPI recognizes November as¬†National... Read More »
Trick or treat! With Halloween just around the corner, VPI analyzed its database of more than 500,000 insured pets to find the most ghostly Halloween monikers. Below are the top 10 most common Halloween related pet names (total number of pets sharing the name in parenthesis): Top 1... Read More »
During the Halloween season, U.S. consumers spend $7 billion on Halloween candy, costumes and decorations, exposing pets to more toxins and hazards than any other time of the year. To help prepare for the imminent dangers that surround our pets during the scare season, Veterinary Pet I... Read More »
As a result of Charlie winning the 2014 VPI Hambone Award, Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital will receive the $10,000 VPI-funded award through the Veterinary Care Foundation to treat pets whose owners could not otherwise afford treatment. Read More »
Charlie, a Labrador retriever from Indianapolis Ind., has won the 2014 VPI Hambone Award honoring the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year. Charlie earned the nomination after getting into a treacherous tangle with a tractor and making a remarkable recovery from life threaten... Read More »